Anonymous said: "is the moviestuck still going to happen this year? Haven't heard much from this blog in a while"

Unfortunately, I’m sinking in funding this year. in order to host a moviestuck this year I need to raise $600 to accomodate for space compared to the past years where I had to raise around $200. I’m pretty sure I will not be able to achieve this amount in time for the usual 413 meetup…As the cards are on the table now, I do not beleive I will be able to hold a moviestuck this year.

It’s the time of year where I start making plans for Moviestuck. The 2014 meetup has already had it’s room booked and ready to go. We’re getting the 3 ballrooms this year to accommodate the influx of attendees. Unfortunately, that’s going to weigh a bit heavier on my wallet—but I have faith.

This year I would like to get a tally of any and all people who would like to participate as a volunteer. If you are interested in helping out with Moviestuck 2014, feel free to send me an ask or email.

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Okay so these should submit? Or if they don’t I’m sorry but I would suggest taking the photos and uploading them separately? Last time I uploaded large photos the post was all wonky so just in case. Thanks for the great get together guys!!

These are really fabulous shots!! uwu

deadsexual said: "Ok, so I wasn't at the meet up but my friend Ryan called me while he was there and had you guys stop things to wish me a happy birthday and I just wanted to say thank you so much."

Awwwww!! No problem, love! You have a most fabulous birthdate, and I hope you had a fantastic time~


Hey so here’s my tiny photoset for moviestuck last night. Oh god, you all were so perfect and nice and awesome and I’m dying to see everyone again for FSC. The hosts were absolutely stellar and everyone well represented the fandom which was mad decent. Stay rad everyone and feel free to say hey. I was the god tier Dave, aw yeah.


200% official tarot card reader Aradia

Aranea, honey… you look so fed up…omigod.

She is so done with that reading, not believing it for a second!!


Part one of moviestuck!
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Moviestuck part two!
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I’m so happy you could make it, you came from pretty far! I hope your cousins cheered up a bit later in the evening! It was so fantastic, I just can’t contain these feels…and my heart is already starting to ache. I’m gonna miss all of you!


Moviestuck part three!
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